About Us

Brief History

The Department was established in 2006, and each year 14 students are admitted. The primary objective is to combine theory and practical sciences, and integrate the necessary personnel and resources for the Hakka industries in order to promote them.

Educational Objectives

1.  Train professionals equipped with humanistic concern and international view of visions in Hakka cultural industries.

2. Train professionals with theory and practical to meet the need of the Hakka cultural plannings and Hakka Industries .


Vision for the Future and Developmental Features

Industrial development fields:

Hakka cultural and daily life things and events can be industrialized. Hakka culture has rich resources in humanities, scenery, and natural ecology, which can be used to provide development for the tourism and leisure industry. Instruction and research in this field will focus on product innovation design, Hakka regional development and evaluation of the tourism and leisure industries, industrial counseling, consumption behavior, market analysis, and operations and management.

Cultural resource field:  

Begins with the overall construction of concepts based on Hakka community, promote research relating to community development, including Hakka traditional culture survey and research, cultural industrial resource integration, village architectural research, and local cultural digital archives.



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